Friday, November 7, 2008

League Update!

Sorry for the slight delay, I know a few of you have been anxious to see the new updated list, well here it is:

Male Top 10

1st: John Nicholson 74lbs 4oz
2nd: David Greene 49lbs 9oz
3rd: Eamon Conroy 47lbs 5oz
4th: Brian Rush 33lbs 7oz
5th: Jim Clarke 33lbs 4oz
6th: Joe Thormey 32lbs
7th: Bodo Funke 31lbs 1oz
8th: James Candon 29lbs 5oz
9th: Declan Conroy 25lbs 10oz
10th: Owen Garvin 22lbs 3oz


1st: Lucy Garvin 52lbs 15oz
2nd: Ann Conroy 27lbs
3rd: Jane Suffin 11lbs 12oz
4th: Denise Ryan 5lbs 1oz
5th: Ann McGlynn 2lbs 3oz


1st: Gary Nicholson 30lbs 8oz
2nd: Patrick McDonnell 9lbs 15 oz.
3rd: Ben Geoghegan 5lbs 10oz
4th: Ben Egan 1lbs 4oz
5th: Grainne Gallagher 1lbs 1oz
6th: Joe Egan 1lbs

Good Luck for the last competition on Sunday 16th. November, on Lough Key!

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