Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Michael Conroy Perpetual Memorial Cup.

Jim Clarke leaves it late!
As so often happens in these competitions the winner is caught on the last throw of the Dice!
After having a very quite day by his standards he decided to take one last turn around before going in and landed a great fish to 11pd 12oz. The last two ounces doing the damage to Myles who was relegated to 2nd.
The day weather wise was one of the nicest of the year, which meant most of the fish were caught in 10ft +
Thanks again to all the Conroy family who helped organise the event so well, Ann was brilliant managing to keep everyone well fed and also to ensure the fish were weighed, handled and released correctly. Result was all swam away and no reports of injury.

Michael Conroy Perpetual Memorial Cup.
1st Jim Clarke
2nd Myles Quinn
3rd Peter Noone
4th Joe Mulrennan
5th Deirdre Conroy
1st Junior Lucy Egan.

Enjoying the Breakfast

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