Friday, September 28, 2012

Michael Conroy Perpetual Memorial Cup.

Sunday 7th October, sees the club head for Lough Skeen in Ballyfarnon to fish the Michael Conroy Perpetual Memorial Cup.
Fishing will take place from 11am to 5pm
The presentation will take place in Dodds Bar at 9:30pm.
As always all anglers are welcome and we'll look forward to seeing you there.
For further information contact Jane on 086 8301261

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meeting to discuss Possible Compulsory Angler Contributions

IFPAC will hold an information meeting in a few weeks to inform anglers of what has happened to date on this issue and seek their views. Inland Fisheries Ireland invited all National Federations to meet them on 3rd September to discuss the sustainable funding of the resource into the future, All National Federations attended and several of them suggested compulsory angler contributions providing funds are ringfenced and anglers have a say on the spending of these funds. IFPAC did not make any suggestions at that time. All affiliated clubs will be invited to send delegates to the meeting which may be held in Mullingar on 10th October.
At the meeting on 3rd IFI informed the meeting that they have commissioned TDI to carry out a survey on the number of Irish anglers there are, what species they fish for etc. Each person was asked whether they were a member of an angling club or not. The findings indicate that some 80% of people who fish are NOT members of clubs. To take this large number of independent anglers views into account the committee decided that any pike angler could also attend the meeting.
The views of club delegates and independent anglers will be taken into account by the committee in their future discussions with other federations and IFI.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Martin Mitchell Memorial Perpetual Cup

Well done to Jim Clarke outright winner of the Mitchell Cup this year. He had both the heaviest fish & the most fish weighted. I'm awaiting photo's of the presentation, hopefully i can update here soon. Saturdays result also moves Jim clear in the race for fisherman of the year, but its a long road home..
The turn out on Saturday was great with up to 30 anglers supporting a lovely charity event in these tough times.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Meeting This Thursday 6th Sept

Boyle & District Angling Club will hold a meeting on thursday 6th Sept in Daly's @ 10pm.