Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Competition Events 2014

Angler or the Year
Sunday2nd November - 11am-4pm
Lough Key -  Boat Event 
For more info contact Jane 0868301261
(Provisional Date (TBC)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer League


Saturday  7th June 1.30-6.00 Silver Eel
Saturday 21st June 1.30-6.00 Lough Key
Saturday  5th July 9.30-13.30 Lough Scur 
Sunday 20th July 10.00-14.30 Lough Nablaly 
Saturday  9th Aug  9.30-13.30 Lough Bofin 
Saturday 23rd Aug 9.30-13.30 Oakport 

General Rules: Team event. 2 anglers per boat or 2 anglers per bank team. All fish over 2 pound count towards league, but a fish under 2 pound can win day prize. Entry to league is €20 per person. Day pool entry optional at €10 per person per day. There are 6 events to be scheduled with your teams best 4 events counting towards overall results. In the event of a tie, your next best event is counted. You must not hold more than 4 fish in the holding tank, (keep net depends on size) at any one time. It's your responsibility to contact weigh masters. As this is a team event if your partner can't turn up, you can call in a sub. He or she can fish for the day prize or split the team winnings if so desired. Team names must be kept clean :-) To re-cap the boat comp is the combined weight for 2 anglers per boat. For overall prize 2pd & inclusive pike weighed min. The Day prize is a individual prize, 1st & 2nd heaviest fish on the day.