Monday, October 3, 2011

Paddy Kelly Perpetual Memorial Cup Results

The weather was very mild & calm. The lake was like a mirror but pike very hard to find.
A lot of anglers were wondering at the lack of big fish showing on the finders!

Hence it was a great effort by the winner Derek Winters to land a fish of 10lbs 13oz.
 2nd & 3rd prizes were shared between Tom Commons & Billy Reid both with fish of 3lb 9ozs.
20 anglers in total turned out & all enjoyed the day.
Below is a few photo's of some members getting ready to head out & also a copy of the lovely e-mail sent by Paddy's family.
I wish with all my heart I could be in Boyle this weekend for the Paddy Kelly Perpetual Memorial Cup.  I follow it every year through my many friends in Boyle and Sligo – so many dear friends in my life because of my brother, Paddy Kelly.
I have visited Boyle twice, in 2008 & 2009 and have plans to come back next June for a friend’s wedding.
If you would like to respond to me this weekend, please use this email:
The email I am writing from today is my work email.
I hope everyone has a brilliant time.
I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me, Paddy’s daughter, Erin, his other two brothers Mike & Tim and his Mother Mildred, that Paddy’s memory lives on in Boyle - a place he loved and called home for a period of his life.
He continues to touch my life and bring new friends to me over six years after his passing.
Much Love,
Maureen Kelly Tice

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