Monday, April 14, 2008

Angler of the Year - League Table

Here is an update on our Angler of the Year League.
After three "pounds recorded" competitions so far, this is what the Leaderboard looks like at the moment:

Male Anglers Top 10:
  1. Eamon Conroy 26 lbs 14oz, 4 fish
  2. Joe Thormey 21lbs 8oz, 2 fish
  3. Bodo Funke 18lbs 12oz, 2 fish
  4. Gerry Lyons 17lbs 10oz 1 fish
  5. John Nicholson 14lbs 3oz, 3 fish
  6. Owen Garvin 12lbs, 1 fish
  7. Francis McGlynn 11lbs 9oz, 2 fish
  8. Myles Quinn 11lbs 8oz, 2fish
  9. Fred Phillips 10lbs 4oz, 2 fish
  10. Bas De Ridder 9lbs 10oz, 2 fish


  1. Denise Ryan 5lbs 1oz 1fish
  2. Lucy Garvin 4lbs 8oz 2 fish
  3. Ann Conroy 1lbs 2oz, 1 fish
  4. Jane Suffin 1lbs, 1 fish


  1. Gary Nicholson 4lbs 14oz, 2 fish
  2. Patrick McDonnell 2lbs 3oz, 2 fish

Next fixture is the Paddy Kelly Memorial Perpetual Cup, which is being fished on the 27th of April 2008, on Lough Na Blaithe.

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