Friday, April 25, 2008

Catch & Release

Thanks to everybody for participating in the latest poll. It gives me an idea on how often I might want to update this page. Seems I 'm going to be busy then!
I endevour to update this page frequently, but members please also feel free to send me some stuff for publication here. Anything you might find of interest or a good photo of a fish or anything else you would like to share with the Club, please drop me a line at: or alternatively give me a call.

I found this on the website of a Canadian Fishing Camp and thought I might share it with you:

"Recognizing the importance of maintaining our monster pike we instantly
instituted a catch and release policy from day one of our operation so that we
might share these beautiful TROPHY PIKE with you! Catch and release fishing is
not just a marketing gimmick to us or something that was initiated recently out
of necessity to save the fishery but rather it's a way of life for us. Our catch
and release policy has allowed us to have 100% control of our trophy pike

A bit of food for thought, any chance to turn back time???

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