Friday, March 22, 2013

Are YOU ready for the big one ?
We Are !
Good sunny day forecast for tomorrow
Ideal conditions for pike fishing
Breakfast being served from 0830
(updated friday at 1930

Boyle & District Angling Club Rules For 2013 Easter Angling Festival

  • This is a Heaviest Fish Competition
  • Fee €60 Per Angler For The Two Days
  • No Angler Can Receive More Than One Prize
  • Boat Competition Only - Shore Fishing Prohibited
  • Every Boat Must Have A Fish Transfer Tank minimum 36” long/30 gallons.
  • Every Boat Must Have Long Nose Pliers & Cutters For Unhooking
  • Use Of Fish Or Depth Finders Allowed
  • Used Of Live Bait Is Prohibited By Law
  • Max 2 Rods Per Angler.
  • Only ONE Fish Per Angler Allowed In The Transfer Tank And Shall Be Taken WITHOUT DELAY To The Nearest Weigh Station.
  • The Three Weigh Stations Are As Shown On Map
  • Anglers Will Produce Entry Card When Weighing A Fish
  • Fish Weights Will Be Verified By Both Weigh-Master & Angler
  • Fish MUST Swim Within 15 Minutes Of Being Weighed. The Angler Is Solely Responsible For The Care Of The Fish.
  • Any Fish That Does Not Swim Away May Lead To Disqualification Of the Angler If The Committee Rule That Bad Handling Practices Are Contributory.
  • All Trout Caught Shall Be Returned To The Water
  • Anglers Should Show Respect To Other Boats By Avoiding Crossing Or Obstruction. Please Observe 50 meters Between Boats.
  • Times Of Competition: Sat 11am To 6pm, Sun 10am To 5pm. A Weigh-In Period Of 15 Minutes After Finish Time Is Allowed
  • All Anglers MUST Launch And Register At Doon Shore ONLY. No Exceptions.
  • Completing Anglers May NOT BE PPRESENT On Lough Key For The Seven Days Preceding The Competition. Patrols Will Be In Operation
  • Boyle And District Patrol Officers Will Be Carrying Out Random Inspections Anglers Must Comply With Patrol Officers Requests For Inspections.
  • Failure To Comply With These Rules May Result In Disqualification
  • Any Objection Must Be Lodged With Club Executive Within One Hour Of Finish Times
  • Decision Of Club Executive Is Final

By Entering This Competition Via Registration You Are Agreeing To Abide By These Rules And Failure To Comply May result In Disqualification
Boyle & District Angling Club, Its Members Or Executive Will Not Be Liable For Any Loss, Damage Or Accident Suffered By Anglers To His/Her Person Or Property During This Competition. The Club Also Reminds All Anglers To Wear Life Jackets Or Buoyancy Aids At All Times As Per Current Legislation.

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