Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013 Pike Fishing Competition

Heavy !


Alternative Launching !

Ann - our wonderful asset
Wonder where that big fish is hiding Shane ?
He could be anywhere Michael !

Where is everyone ? What time is it  ?
Fish are in great condition

What a beauty !

Does he play the guitar too ?
 The Winning Fish
Congratulation and well done Michael

It takes two !
Nice Hat !
Mind the rocks
They can be slippery critters !
Good fish !
Better fish !
Anything you can do !
weighmasters keeping warm
Nice one Declan !
Peter lands a good specimen

Doone Shore is buzzing

Lifejackets donned - safe to go ...

Yep - its cold out there

Any spare dead bait lads ?

I'll get you a sausage from the markee instead

He was that big but got away.......

The sausage at last !
Its great craic too !

What would we do without her ? Starve ?

Speak up Jane - its the hat over his ears !!!

Food !
Anglers need refreshment big time...

Another good one weighed

Billy Reid presiding

Well done Peter
Declan on form 

Ladies prizewinner - well done
A very happy junior with the shield

Barrys efforts pay off

2nd place to Marc - nice cheque

This years winner - a well deserved Michael Brannon
Winners line up - mighty cheques...see you next year 

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